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Severn, Ontario: The City of Orillia has released an update on their Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) process including an updated Lands Needs Assessment (LNA) report and a revised potential boundary expansion map. The initial proposal from 2021 had included a boundary expansion that would impact residential and business areas in Severn. Severn Council and staff have been watching this exercise carefully to ensure the interests of our residents are considered. 

The LNA is a requirement implemented by the province on the City of Orillia to meet Ontario's imposed growth targets. Hemson Consulting Ltd. (Hemson) has completed the update to the LNA to evaluate the impact on the size of a future boundary expansion based on a range of various intensification and greenfield density targets. These targets are being presented as options for reducing the size of a future settlement area boundary expansion.

Technical Land Evaluation Phase 2 Results report completed by WSP Canada Inc. (WSP) is also available for review. Results from that study include a Summary report, Community Connectivity report, Municipal Servicing report, Water Resources report, Natural Heritage report, Fire and Emergency Management Services Assessment report, and an Agricultural Impact Assessment report. Based on the findings of the technical reports, WSP has issued a map of the proposed Settlement Area Boundary Expansion

"We appreciate the direction by Orillia Council last fall requesting that their team look at increased intensification rather than an aggressive boundary expansion. While we are never happy with losing any portion of Severn’s land, we were pleased to see a significantly scaled-back plan that reflects our comments to date, one that has very limited direct impact on the homes of existing Severn residents. The Township will continue to participate and monitor it to ensure that Severn’s resident’s interests are protected to the best of Council’s ability."

- Mayor Mike Burkett

A virtual open house is scheduled for Tuesday, June 20, 2023, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The purpose of the event is to share information with the public and gather feedback on the ranges of intensification and densification targets as well as the proposed lands for a future settlement area boundary expansion for Orillia. Pre-registration is required for the virtual public open house on June 20.

Written comments are welcome and can be directed to with the subject line “Boundary Expansion”. Written comments must be received by Monday, July 17, 2023.

Further details are available by visiting the City of Orillia's Municipal Comprehensive Review page



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