Council representatives and flag-raising guest holding the flag before the raising

WHEREAS approximately 10,000 children are living with cancer in Canada today. Each year about 1,500 cases are diagnosed. Because of significant advances in therapy, 82% of these children will survive five years or more. Childhood cancer remains responsible for more deaths from one year through adolescence than any other disease; and

WHEREAS families facing the journey of childhood cancer need the best possible medical, financial, and emotional support we can provide. Every family touched by childhood cancer needs the support of its relatives, neighbours, teachers, and community. Parents need the understanding and compassion of their employers; brothers and sisters need special consideration both at home and in school. Young cancer patients themselves need every opportunity to express and pursue the dreams that are the hallmark of childhood and the hope that cancer can be beaten; and

WHEREAS this month we recognize the dedication and hard work of all those scientists, healthcare professionals, organizations, parents, and volunteers who are working to overcome childhood cancer and assist these families. We admire and support the courageous youth and parents who struggle with this disease; and

WHEREAS we applaud and commend the dedicated volunteers at Candlelighters Simcoe Parents of Children with Cancer for the work they do for families of children with cancer in our region.

NOW THEREFORE, l, Mayor Burkett, and on behalf of the Council of the Township of Severn, do hereby proclaim September 2023 as "Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” in Severn.