Notice of Giant hogweed control on the Uhthoff Trail

Details of control measures

Township of Severn has contracted Wagner Lawn Care to undertake the application of pesticide to occurrences of Giant hogweed located along the Uhthoff Trail. Signage will be placed in the areas of the trail that have been treated. 

Date and time

This work has been rescheduled for Tuesday, August 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Follow our newsfeed or visit us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for updates. 

Impacts to trail users

The trail will remain open to all users. Please use caution when approaching any work area as the contractor and Township staff will be active along the trail with a full-size vehicle.

Information on Giant hogweed

Giant hogweed is an invasive plant that has been found in Severn. Invasive species  are harmful non-native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants that are spread by trade, human and animal transport, and gardening. Most invasive species negatively impact how ecosystems function, and can be harmful to native plants and wildlife. Giant hogweed can also be harmful to human health, as the sap from the plant can cause severe burns to the skin. Removing hogweed can be dangerous because of this sap, and burning or composting is not a safe removal method. 

Additional resources

Staff contact

Cody Henderson
Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
Phone: 705-325-2315 x240
Email Cody