Notice of adoption

Notice details

Township of Severn passed By-law No. 2022-65 on November 14, 2022 under Sections 17 and 26 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990. C.p.13, as amended.

Purpose and effect

By-law 2022-65 adopts the new Official Plan for the Township of Severn and repeals the previous Official Plan, By-law 2005-90, and all amendments. The new Official Plan sets out the Township’s goals, objectives and policies to guide growth and manage change to 2051 in accordance with provincial and County of Simcoe policies.

Lands affected

The new Official Plan affects all lands within the Township of Severn, and as such, no key map has been provided in this notice.

Official Plan available for review

The new Official Plan, together with applicable background information, may be viewed online or in person by appointment at our Administration Office (1024 Hurlwood Lane, Severn).

Effect of consultation

All statutory written and oral submissions made on the new Official Plan have been reviewed and considered, and suggestions incorporated into the new Official Plan where appropriate. Please refer to the Comment Response Matrix included as Attachment 2 to Planning Report P22-040 prepared for the November 9 Planning and Development Committee as available on the Township's website.

Approval authority

The new Official Plan for the Township of Severn will be submitted to the County of Simcoe for approval. As the approval authority for the new Official Plan, the County may approve, modify and approve, or refuse to approve the new Official Plan.

Any person or public body will receive notice of the decision of the County of Simcoe, as the approval authority, if a written request to be notified is made to:

Nathan Westendorp, MCIP, RPP
County of Simcoe, Planning department
Planning / Chief Planner
Administration Centre, 1110 Highway 26
Midhurst, Ontario L0L 1X0
Email Nathan

Right to appeal

The decision of Township of Severn Council to adopt the new Official Plan is not subject to appeal. Appeals may only be filed with the County of Simcoe, as the approval authority, once a decision has been made by the County.

Staff contact

Andrea Woodrow, MCIP, RPP
Township of Severn
Director of Planning and Development
Phone: 705-325-2315 x234
Email Andrea

Dated at the Township of Severn this 23rd day of November 2022, Alison Gray, Clerk.