Severn, Ontario: At today’s Council meeting, Township of Severn Council approved the 2021 Budget. To protect assets and infrastructure, both now and in the future, Council supported an estimated total tax rate increase of 2.45%. An average single-family home in Severn will pay an additional $69 in property taxes in 2021.

The approved budget reflects the funding needed to maintain current service levels for the Township and its shared service partners, including Public Library, Orillia and Lake Country Tourism, Severn Sound Environmental Association, Ontario Provincial Police, and the County of Simcoe (social services, long-term care, waste collection and more).

The 2021 capital budget includes significant reinvestment into core infrastructure that supports the community. As part of Council’s Strategic Plan to invest in the services residents depend on, the budget allocates over $4 million in road renewal that will replace 14 kilometres of the road network. Below the ground, over $1.28 million will be invested into water and wastewater utilities, with over $800,000 earmarked for the continued production of safe drinking water.

Township of Severn will also invest in outdoor recreation facilities with support of federal and provincial grants for new universal washrooms in parks and a new outdoor sports field. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of safe outdoor spaces and the benefits of physical activity on both physical and mental health. This upgraded infrastructure will make it easier for park users to stay active, experience the outdoors, and relax and unwind in Severn.

"We understand that our residents may be struggling through the financial impacts of COVID-19. Council believes that drawing from capital reserves to avoid a tax increase is not a responsible way to protect municipal infrastructure, now and in the future, requiring us to make the difficult decision of imposing a modest tax increase."

—Mayor Mike Burkett

While this budget provides for many hard infrastructure projects, it also looks to enhance the efficiency of local government through modernization of the Township’s financial systems and improved communications with residents. As the global pandemic continues, it has never been more important to improve the Township’s ability to provide online services that will make the community and organization more future-ready.

All final budget documents will be available on our website for more information.


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