Township of Severn is preparing a Recreation Master Plan. It's a 15-year plan that will guide the development of municipal indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, parks, trails, programs and events for residents and visitors.

Stay up to date and participate in the development of our Recreation Master Plan. Providing your input will result in a plan that:

  • considers different perspectives
  • addresses relevant concerns
  • ultimately helps us improve recreation services for the whole community

We encourage you to use the tools on this page to share your ideas, provide feedback and ask questions.

Preliminary Report

The Preliminary Report provides background information and is the starting point for the Recreation Master Plan assessments.

Interim Report

Together with the Preliminary Report, the Interim Report will provide a picture of the current state of recreation, parks and facilities in the Township of Severn, and key directions to be addressed in the Master Plan.

Ideas, comments and questions

Got an idea, comment or question you'd like to share about the Recreation Master Plan? Contact us.


Here are some common questions asked about recreation master plans.

What is a Recreation Master Plan?

A Recreation Master Plan considers many factors:

  • current and future community service needs and interests
  • future population growth and demographics
  • future development and redevelopment plans
  • Township capacity to provide recreation services
  • partnerships between the Township and other agencies, volunteer groups, non-profits, etc.

The end result is a set of recommendations and a timeline to help guide Township decision-making on recreation matters for the next 15 years.

What types of services will be considered in the plan?

The plan will consider:
  • parks and trails
  • indoor and outdoor recreation facilities
  • recreation programs, activities and events

What types of activities are included in the plan?

Recreation includes any activities that people choose to do in their free time:
  • sports (organized or unstructured)
  • walking, hiking, cycling, inline skating, etc.
  • fitness, health and wellness (Zumba, yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc.)
  • social and general interest clubs (senior’s clubs, birding, gardening, etc.)
  • arts (painting, photography, choral, drama, etc.)
  • crafts and hobbies (quilting, wood carving, baking, etc.)
  • games
  • learning
  • much more

How is the community being consulted for the plan?

Consultations for the plan include:
  • interviews with Council and staff
  • interviews with community stakeholders
  • focus groups
  • a survey of facility and park user groups
  • a resident telephone survey
  • a resident online survey

How can I share my ideas about parks, programs and/or facilities?

You can share your ideas by completing the survey and by sending us your ideas, comments, questions and concerns about parks, facilities, programs and events.

Contact us

If you'd like to speak with a team member about the Recreation Master Plan, please contact us.

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