Township of Severn's Transportation Master Plan will serve as a road map for short-range, medium-range and long-range transportation infrastructure investments. We retained McIntosh Perry to undertake a study to update our current plan. The updated plan will guide how we:

  • develop our roadways
  • coordinate infrastructure improvements with land uses
  • respond to future growth and demand on our transportation network

How to participate

Stay up to date and participate in the development of our Transportation Master Plan. Providing your input will result in a plan that:

  • considers different perspectives
  • addresses relevant concerns
  • ultimately helps us improve transportation services for the whole community

We encourage you to use the tools on this page to share your ideas, provide feedback and ask questions.

Ideas, comments and questions

Got an idea, comment or question you'd like to share about the Transportation Master Plan?

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Review some frequently asked questions.

What is a transportation network?

The transportation network in Severn includes over 413 km of roadways as well as 39 bridge and culvert structures. This network connects our eight settlement areas and important features, such as:
  • rivers and lakes
  • trails
  • forest tracts
  • rich aggregate resources swaths
  • important woodland and wetland areas

What is a Transportation Master Plan?

A Transportation Master Plan serves as a road map for short-range, medium-range and long-range transportation infrastructure investments to:

  • reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, preserve local character and protect the natural environment
  • accommodate future population growth and demands on the transportation network
  • direct the development and improvement of roads and related infrastructure
  • integrate transportation infrastructure with existing and future land-use planning
  • update transportation policies for all future infrastructure renewal and rehabilitation projects
  • identify areas where there are gaps of information and update our current plan

What types of services will be considered in the plan?

The Transportation Master Plan will consider:

  • population growth
  • opportunities to connect communities
  • active transportation, i.e. bike lanes
  • aggregate haul routes
  • traffic flow and patterns

It's important to note that this process is not a road condition assessment. Concerns with existing road surface quality, including potholes, should be reported to the Public Works department. You can also give us as call after hours at 1-855-527-8841.

Report a concern

How is the community being consulted for the plan?

 Consultations for the plan include:
  • interviews with Council and staff
  • interviews with community stakeholders
  • telephone survey
  • online survey

How can I share my ideas about existing and specific issues?

You can submit your questions, comments and ideas. Be sure to check back for updates or share any new ideas. Later in the process, we will share a draft Transportation Master Plan for the community to review and provide feedback.

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