Township of Severn's Accessibility Advisory Committee works to make Severn accessible for all residents and visitors. We do this by identifying and removing barriers.

Join the committee

Are you interested in being part of the Accessibility Advisory Committee? Learn how to apply for a committee position.


The Accessibility Advisory Committee meets twice per year or at the call of the committee chair. If you'd like to speak before the committee at a meeting, you'll need to submit a delegation request.


The Accessibility Advisory Committee consists of at least two members:

  • one member of Council
  • one individual with a disability

Meet the current committee members:

  • Mayor Mike Burkett
  • Kyle Purdy
  • David Russell

Mandate and responsibility

The Accessibility Advisory Committee is responsible for:

  • reviewing and updating the accessibility plan
  • reporting all committee accomplishments on an annual basis
  • advising Council on matters related to accessibility

Accessibility plan

View the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan to learn about the steps we're taking to improve accessibility in our community. The plan identifies barriers and develops a process to remove those barriers—now and in the future.