Township of Severn issues a variety of licences and permits. Whether you are changing your address, making a freedom of information request or applying for a lottery licence, we can help.

Animal licences

Animal services issues licences in order to keep our pets and residents safe. You need to get a dog licence if you own a dog in the Township of Severn. If you own or operate a kennel, you will need to apply for a kennel licence.

Building and planning permits

We can help make sure you have all of the necessary permits and applications for all building and construction projects and planning and development projects. Learn how to apply for the following building and development permits:

Event permits

If you're holding an event, you may want to apply for a temporary tent permit or book a facility. Find out about a variety of event permits that will help make your next event a success.

Facility rentals

Rent a facility in the Township of Severn for your next major event. Whether you're hosting a wedding, sporting tournament or banquet, we have a variety of facilities available. Check out our indoor facilities, parks and sports fields available for rent.

Grants and funding

Check out the grants and funding opportunities in Severn. We offer capital improvement grants, festival and event grants and general program grants. See if you qualify and learn how to apply.

Fire permits

You need to apply for a fire permit if you want to have a fire in Severn. Review the permit guidelines and apply today.

Refreshment vehicle licences

Learn how to apply for a refreshment vehicle licence in order to run a food truck or ice cream truck in the Township of Severn.

Road applications and permits

The Township of Severn issues a variety of road applications and permits. This includes:

  • entrance permits
  • road closure permits
  • road occupancy permits