Township of Severn is committed to financial transparency. As a result, we publish our annual budget and financial statements. Review the Township's Asset Management Plan to see how we are managing our assets now and in the future.


Explore our 2021 Budget. The new budget includes a 2.45% property tax rate increase that works out to approximately $69 for a single family home in Severn.

Our Capital Budget includes the funds necessary to maintain and build facilities and infrastructure within the Township.

2021 budget highlights

This year, budget priorities include:

  • enhanced services for residents
  • ensure community safety and wellbeing
  • improve communications
  • responsibly manage municipal assets

Some budget highlights include:

  • $4 million to road renewal projects 
  • $2.5 million to develop parkland in Westshore
  • replacement of tanker 2 and purchasing a new rescue vehicle for Fire Hall 2
  • $1.28 million to investments in water and wastewater utilities

Past budgets

View the 2020 Budget and capital budgets:

View budgets from previous years:

Contact us if you would like to view previous budget documents.

Where do my tax dollars go?

For every dollar that you pay in property taxes, only 38 cents goes to the Township of Severn. The rest of the money goes to the County of Simcoe, local school boards and policing. We work to ensure that the portion of your taxes that goes to the Township is put toward important services and infrastructure that help keep our residents safe. Here are some examples:

  • parks and recreation
  • planning and development
  • roads and bridge maintenance
  • public library
  • protection to persons and property
  • general government operations

Financial statements

View the Township's annual financial statements:

Contact us if you'd like to view the financial statements for previous years.