Township of Severn is committed to financial transparency. As a result, we publish our annual budget and financial statements. Review the Township's Asset Management Plan to see how we are managing our assets now and in the future.

Our annual budget helps us deliver services and infrastructure that people use every day. It also ensures we provide value for money and that your tax dollars are spent wisely.

Budget breakdown

In December 2023, Council approved the 2024 Budget with a 3.41% net tax increase over 2023 rates. When combined with the County of Simcoe's approved tax rate of 3.7% and a 0% increase in education rates, residents can expect to see a 2.93% blended tax increase on their 2024 property tax bill. 

For an average home in Severn with an assessed value of $340,000*, the approved blended rate amounts to a $90.09 increase over 2023 levels, or an additional $7.51 per month, with a total tax bill of $3,170 in 2024.

Services for your tax dollars

For every dollar that you pay in property taxes, 0.44 cents goes to the Township of Severn. The rest of the money goes to the County of Simcoe (0.32 cents), local school boards (Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board and the Simcoe County District School Board) (0.17 cents combined) and policing (0.07 cents).

We work to ensure that the portion of your taxes that goes to the Township is put toward important services and infrastructure that help keep our residents safe.

Here are some examples:

  • parks and recreation
  • planning and development
  • roads and bridge maintenance
  • public library
  • protection to persons and property
  • general government operations

chart overviewing the breakdown of the 2024 budget



2024 budget highlights

Some budget highlights include:

  • $4.4 million to road and sidewalk renewal projects to improve sections of:
    • Brodie Drive
    • Carlyon Road
    • Hodgins Road
    • New Brailey Line
  • $1.2 million to enhance and improve our parks and trails
  • replacement of bunker gear, new auto-extrication equipment, and a new fire rescue vehicle
  • $1.08 million to investments in water and wastewater utilities

Our capital budget includes the funds necessary to maintain and build facilities and infrastructure within the Township.

View the 2024 capital budgets:

Past budgets

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Financial statements

View the Township's annual financial statements:

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