You need a refreshment vehicle licence to operate a refreshment vehicle, such as an ice cream or food truck in Severn.

Apply for a licence

Complete the Refreshment Vehicle Licence Application to apply. Please include the following information with your application:

  • name and address
  • contact information
  • whether or not you live in Severn
  • business name
  • list of items you sell
  • site plan showing the location of the vehicle, waste bins, tables, etc.
  • proof of insurance

If you're not the property owner, please include a letter of permission from the owner with your application.


This is an annual licence and you'll need to reapply each year.


The annual licence fee is $450. If you're applying for a single-use licence for a special event, the fee is $50. 


Before we issue a refreshment vehicle licence, you need to receive the following inspections:

You'll also need zoning approval from the Planning and Development department. Check the Zoning By-law requirements for your property to make sure you can operate a refreshment vehicle.