Township of Severn does not currently licence short-term rental accommodations.​

Short-term rentals commonly refer to when all or part of a dwelling unit is used to provide sleeping accommodations for any rental period that is less than 28 to 30 consecutive days in exchange for payment.

Online short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb, RentbyOwner, and Vrbo describe online platforms that connect consumers to property owners or managers that rent these spaces. Short-term rentals have increased in popularity as they provide a unique alternative to hotels during travel, and offer income potential to the home owner.  Short-term rentals can present challenges to existing regulations and municipal by-laws. Homeowners should be aware of the by-laws that may affect the short-term rental of their property in Severn, also referred to as our Good Neighbour By-laws.
These by-laws  include:

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By-law enforcement is responsible for investigating violations and ensuring compliance with all municipal by-laws.

Contact the rental platform

You can also directly contact the online platform that the rental is listed on. These companies may impose fines and restrictions on these properties as a result of complaints. 


Online: Visit the Airbnb Neighborhood Support website  
Phone:  1-855-635-7754


Phone: 1-877-202-4291