Traffic calming aims to prevent high-speed rushed driving by ‘calming’ motorists using visual cues that influence drivers to pay more attention and to change their driving behaviours.

Traffic calming methods

Traffic calming employs the use of different methods such as:

  • physical barriers
  • visual awareness
  • education
  • enforcement

Benefits of traffic calming

The benefits to our communities include:

  • lower driving speeds
  • a safer environment for all road users
  • encourages active transportation

Traffic calming methods currently in use

Township of Severn has recently activated the following traffic calming methods:

Black CAT radar device

The Black Cat radar device is a discreet, non-intrusive radar sensing technology. The unit collects traffic data such as speeding hot spots and evaluates the level of risk in certain neighborhoods to help with enforcement efforts. 

Portable radar feedback signs

Severn has two units on trailers that are placed in areas of concern as needed. This type of signage provides the motorist with a visual notification of their current speed compared to the posted speed limit.

Semi-permanent radar feedback signs

Two sets (four units total) of post-mounted radar feedback signs are installed seasonally from spring until fall: 

  • Coldwater Road
  • Muskoka Street

Signs are placed so drivers can see them from in each direction. 

Flexible delineator traffic calming posts

These highly visible and flexible delineator posts act as a visual obstacle in the centre of the roadway as to remind drivers to reduce speeds. 

Children silhouette roadside signs

These silhouette signs were a part of the Slow Down signage campaign that was available to Severn residents in 2021. These and other signs were developed for placement on residential lawns alerting drivers that children, seniors or other pedestrians may be on the road.

Residents are encouraged to use the free signs provided by Severn in 2021 again for this year (April to November 2022). Please ensure that your lawn sign is safely maintained and replace the lawn sign if it's damaged or unsafe or we may remove it. Severn will not be offering free signs to residents in 2022. 

Traffic Calming Measures request form

If you would like to submit a request for traffic calming measures to be implemented in your neighbourhood, please complete the Traffic Calming Measures request form.

Traffic Calming Measures request form

By submitting this form, you will help staff assess the type of issue that you are concerned about. To consider your request, we may need to gather additional data, such as completing traffic counts, or deploying radar devices, etc. Requests are reviewed in accordance with our Traffic Calming Policy

Traffic complaints

To report any traffic complaints such as speeding or impaired driving, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police, Orillia Detachment. 

 OPP Orillia Detachment

1 University Avenue
Orillia, Ontario
L3V 0Y7

Non-emergency calls

For complaints or calls for service, call 24-hours a day toll free:

  • 1-888-310-1122
  • 1-888-310-1133 (TTY)

In the case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.