The monuments in the Township of Severn's Coldwater Cemetery located at 12 Craddock Street represent family traditions, regional symbols and the lifestyles of our community. Monuments range from early sandstone memorials to large rough blocks of granite and intricately carved headstones.

Fees, burials, and plots

To inquire about fees, burial or interment options please contact:

Sanderson Monument
33 Peter Street South
Orillia, Ontario 
L3V 6S1
Phone: 705-326-6131
Email Sanderson Monument

All care and maintenance costs are included with the burial and plot rates. View the Cemetery Fees By-law for a full list of list of burial and plot rates. 

Care and maintenance

We take pride in upholding the peaceful appearance of Coldwater Cemetery. View the Coldwater Cemetery By-law to review how we manage and maintain the cemetery.

The cemetery will be closed to vehicles on Friday, July 19 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for care and maintenance activities.

General care and maintenance includes:

  • litter pick-up
  • seasonal grass cutting
  • vandalism response and repair
  • other maintenance (as required)

Please contact us for details about the placement of decorations and memorials or for any care and maintenance issues.

Visiting hours and guidelines

You can't enter the cemetery grounds before 7:00 a.m. or after sundown, except police officers and employees of the Township of Severn. Please maintain a quiet reverence and respect for the other people visiting the graves of loved ones.

Please abide by the following:

  • conduct yourself in a respectful manner at all times
  • no alcoholic beverages
  • no picnics
  • no pets

Cemetery FAQ

Review some frequently asked questions.

What kind of ornamentation is permitted in a lot?

Natural and artificial flowers within plastic or wood containers, solar powered landscape lighting and other items of tribute are permitted if placed within the upper portion of the lot. Candles, glass containers, free standing wreaths and hanging baskets aren't permitted. Ornamentation contrary to the dignity and decorum of the cemetery will be removed without notice.

When do I have to remove my wreath?

All wreaths must be removed by April 1 each year to allow for spring maintenance.

Can shrubs be planted on a lot?

No shrubs or trees can be planted.

Why was my ornamentation removed?

We're responsible for ensuring the cemetery is kept in a neat and orderly condition. When appropriate, we will remove unkempt, dying, or damaged ornamentation. We also remove all special holiday ornamentation one week after the holiday.

Do I own the land when I buy a lot?

No, you don't own the land when you purchase a lot. Instead, you purchase the right to be buried in the cemetery. This is known as Interment Rights.

Can I scatter cremated remains anywhere?

No, you may not scatter remains in Coldwater Cemetery. On private property, you must get permission from the landowner. You may scatter remains on Crown Land, including land covered by water, if it's unoccupied (e.g., provincial parks, conservation reserves and the Great Lakes). However, if there's a sign that prohibits scattering, then you can't scatter remains, even if it is Crown Land.

How much notice is required for interments?

We request five business days notice where possible, however the minimum is 24 hours notice of an interment. Please note that we won't conduct burials on Sundays unless ordered by the Chief Medical Officer of Health. We also don't conduct burials before May 1 or after November 15 each year.

Can a memorial be placed anywhere on a lot?

Memorials should be placed near the monument so that it doesn't get in the way of grounds maintenance. Please contact us for details about the placement of decorations and memorials.

I'm making a family tree. What information can you give me?

Contact us and we can provide the information you would find on a monument as well as the location of graves.