Township of Severn's Fence By-law regulates the location, height and construction of all fences in Severn. If you're putting in a pool, you'll need to apply for a pool fence permit.

Building a fence

Always contact Ontario One Call before you dig! If you're constructing a fence on your property, you must follow the regulations outlined in the Fence By-law. All fences in residential zones must meet the following regulations:

  • no person shall use barbed wire or other barbed material that could injury the public (including electric fences)
  • no person shall construct a fence from temporary fencing, chicken wire, farm wire or ungraded discarded material
  • all fences should be aesthetically pleasing to the satisfaction of the municipality
  • fences and privacy screens have a maximum height of 1.8 m and may be erected along the rear and side lot lines, but not in the front yard of a property
  • fences in the front yard must be less than 1.2 m and of an open construction

Fence line disputes

Township of Severn follows the regulations in the Line Fences Act to administer all fence line disputes. If you'd like to put up, repair or reconstruct a boundary line fence, you should talk with your neighbour and try to come to an agreement about shared costs.

If you are unable to come to an agreement, you can:

  • pay for the fence and do the work without sharing costs with your neighbour
  • apply to have the dispute arbitrated by Township of Severn under the Line Fences Act

Complete the Fence Viewers Application

Please note

We will not schedule arbitration hearings between November 1 and March 31 annually.