Township of Severn's Fence By-law regulates the location, height and construction of all fences in Severn. If you're putting in a pool, you'll need to apply for a pool fence permit.

Building a fence

Always contact Ontario One Call before you dig! If you're constructing a fence on your property, you must follow the regulations outlined in the Fence By-law. All fences in residential zones must meet the following regulations:

  • no person shall use barbed wire or other barbed material that could injury the public (including electric fences)
  • no person shall construct a fence from temporary fencing, chicken wire, farm wire or ungraded discarded material
  • all fences should be aesthetically pleasing to the satisfaction of the municipality
  • fences and privacy screens have a maximum height of 1.8 metres and may be erected along the rear and side lot lines, but not in the front yard of a property
  • fences in the front yard must be less than 1.2 metres and of an open construction