Township of Severn is fortunate to have plenty of lakes, rivers and streams. However, this can become a risk to public safety if flooding occurs.

What to do during a flood

In the event of flooding, here are some tips you can follow:

  • when approaching a flooded area, don't guess the depth of the water
  • avoid crossing bridges if the water is high and flowing quickly
  • don't drive through floodwater and never cross a flooded area on foot
  • find another route if necessary
  • if your home or business has flooded, watch for electrical shock hazards and gas leaks or odours (sewage)
  • don't enter a flooded area, especially if there is any concern that structural integrity has been compromised

Protect your home from flooding

Heavy rain that falls over short periods of time can overwhelm storm and sewer systems.

You can help to protect your home by following these tips:

  • clear eavestroughs, downspouts and catch basins of leaves and other debris that may keep water from draining
  • keep your drain system clean and in good repair
  • fix leaks in walls, floors, windows or foundations
  • check for moisture along the walls and floor, fill and seal any visible cracks
  • make sure that no garbage, leaves, ice or other debris blocks storm sewers or culverts on or near your property

Sand bags for residents

When necessary we will have a self-serve sand bag station with everything you'll need. We provide the sand and burlap bags. Please bring your own shovel to fill them up and take them away. Delivery is not available. The stations will remain open until the water has receded and is no longer a threat to properties.

Sand bags have been made available as of Thursday, April 6, 2023. 


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