The County of Simcoe coordinates the collection of all garbage and recycling in Severn including:

  • curbside collection of garbage, recycling and organics
  • battery collection week
  • leaf, yard and Christmas tree collections
  • bulky collections
  • condominium collections
  • commercial and institutional collections
  • cottage collections

Please contact the County of Simcoe if you have any questions or concerns about garbage and recycling collection.

Collection schedule

View the garbage and recycling collection schedule to learn about your collection days, what can go into your recycling bin and even how to set up service alerts and reminders.

On waste collection days during the winter season, make sure to place all items including your garbage, recycling and organic bins at least 1.2 to 2.0 metres (4 to 6 feet) inside your driveway to prevent accidental impact with snow plows.

Purchase recycling and green bins

You can purchase a recycling bin at the Administration Office located at 1024 Hurlwood Lane in Severn. The following fees will apply:

  • $5 for a blue bin
  • $15 for a green bin

Bag tags

You can put out two garbage bags each week. If you'd like to put out an additional garbage bag, you need to attach a bag tag to any additional garbage bags.

It costs $15 for five bag tags and you can purchase tags at the following locations:

Transfer stations

You can use any of the County of Simcoe Landfill Sites and Transfer stations for large items.

Community programs

We partner with the County of Simcoe to provide annual community programs such as Pitch In Week and the Mulch Giveaway. Visit our community calendar for more information.