Township of Severn has a variety of health care providers and medical centres available to ensure that you have access to quality health care options in your community.

Find a new doctor

Learn how to find a new doctor in Ontario.

Find a doctor

You'll need a valid Ontario health card to register and find a doctor with Health Care Connect.

You must remove your name from the patient list of your current doctor before you can find a new doctor through Health Care Connect. There are two ways you can de-roster:

  1. Contact your current doctor directly and asked to be removed from the patient list
  2. Contact Service Ontario

You're still able to visit your original doctor after you've been removed from the patient list and before you find a new doctor.

Health care clinics

Visit a health care clinic in Severn or nearby Orillia to access medical care:

Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital

For emergency care, please visit Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Orillia.


Call Telehealth Ontario to speak with a health care professional. Telehealth has a phone line for anyone experiencing a mental health, substance abuse or gambling crisis.

Physician Recruitment Committee

Check out the Orillia and Area Physician Recruitment Committee's website to learn how we're recruiting medical professionals and doctors to the region.