Township of Severn's Official Plan and Zoning By-law include source water protection as outlined in the Clean Water Act. We're committed to ensuring our community has safe and clean water—now and in the future.

Source protection plan

The Source Protection Plan identifies the source protection area for Severn and threats to our drinking water source. Review the plan to see how we address threats to our drinking water system.

Source protection area

Severn is located within the Severn Sound and Black-Severn River source protection areas.

Threats to drinking water

The report identified 118 significant and potentially significant threats to our drinking water. These threats include:

  • sanitary sewage
  • use of fertilizers and other agricultural materials
  • use of pesticides
  • handling and storage of fuel
  • handling and storage of chemicals

How to reduce threats to water protection

We collaborated with Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and Severn Sound Environmental Association to develop resources and educational materials to help protect our water source: