Township of Severn water meters measure water consumption in cubic metres that we use to calculate the amount owing on your water bill.

Reading your water meter

You can monitor your water consumption by reading your meter and becoming familiar with your daily water consumption. Locate your water meter and see how much it changes during a billing period.

If your water bill is increasing, consider finding ways to conserve water.

Perform a water audit

You can perform a water audit to see if you may have a water leak in your home.

For Sensus II meters:

  • shut off all water sources inside
  • locate the red circle on your water meter
  • if the black arm moves within the red circle with all water sources turned off, it's likely that one of your appliances or pipes has a leak

For Sensus iPerl meters:

  • shut off all water sources inside
  • on the digital screen, a circle with the plus (+) sign will indicate flow
  • if the digital readout increases, it's likely that one of your appliances or pipes has a leak

Alternatively, you can:

  • read your water meter before going to bed
  • make sure no dishwashers or filters are running
  • read the meter again in the morning
  • if the water meter moves overnight, you likely have a leak

Check your toilet for leaks

A leaky toilet can waste up to 900 litres of water per day. 

You can check for leaks by:

  • add two drops of food colouring to the tank on your toilet
  • do not flush the toilet
  • wait 30 minutes
  • if the food colouring appears in the toilet bowl after 30 minutes it has a leak
  • replace the necessary parts or call a plumber if you need assistance

If you have a water leak in your home, call a plumber for repair. Please contact us if you suspect a leak in your service line.

Complete a flow test

You can also do an in-house flow test to check that the meter is measuring correctly. Find a multi-gallon container, such as a 4-litre pail that you can fill up to an exact measurement. If you check the measurement of water with your water meter and the numbers don’t add up, you may have a faulty meter and that needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Contact us if your flow test indicates a possible issue with the meter. 

Winterize your water meter

Are you closing your cottage for the winter? You should winterize your water meter to prevent damage from freezing. Please contact us and we'll shut off your water. We need at least 24 hours of advanced notice in order to turn off your water.

You should also have a licensed plumber winterize your plumbing and water meter. If your water meter is damaged over the winter, you're responsible for the cost of any repairs.