The Municipal Law Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing municipal by-laws through investigating complaints.

By-law complaints

If you believe that someone has broken a Township of Severn by-law, you can report a complaint.

Make a by-law complaint

Anonymous complaints

We don't investigate anonymous complaints. Please make sure to include your name, phone number and address along with a description of the by-law infraction.

Common by-law complaints

Review some of the common by-law complaints and familiarize yourself with the appropriate by-laws.

Dog licences

Every dog in Severn must get a dog licence. Learn how to apply for a dog licence.

Kennel licences

Township of Severn issues kennel licences in order to operate or own a kennel in Severn. Learn how to apply for a kennel licence.

Noxious weeds

The Weed Control Act regulates weeds that have been identified as noxious, which means that they have a negative impact on agriculture and/or horticulture operations. Learn more about noxious weeds in Ontario.

Property standards

All properties need to meet the minimum requirements laid out in the Property Standards By-law. Review the property standards and learn how to file a complaint. The most common property standards complaints include:

  • long grass
  • abandoned or derelict vehicles, boats and trailers
  • dilapidated, collapsed or partly constructed structures
  • non-maintained homes
  • dead or damaged trees

Clean and clear yards

All properties need to meet the minimum clean yards maintenance requirements set out in the Clean and Clear Yards By-lawn. Review the by-law and learn how to file a complaint. The most common clean yards complaints include:

  • dumping
  • excess garbage, littering
  • issues related to domestic and industrial waste

Dumping fill without a permit

You need a fill permit in order to have soil or fill deposited or dumped on your property in Severn.

Building without a permit

You need a building permit in order to undertake a new building, renovation or addition project in Severn.