Township of Severn is governed by a seven-member elected Council. Council consists of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and five elected Councillors representing each ward. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are also Councillors for the County of Simcoe.

Council meetings and minutes

Attend an upcoming Council meeting, review the agenda and minutes and learn how to present before council.

Meet Council

Get to know your municipal Council members. Visit the Mayor's Office and review our Council accountability and transparency policies. Council also makes up a variety of committees.

Mayor Mike Burkett

Contact Mayor Mike Burkett by email or give him a call at 705-345-2337.

Deputy Mayor Judith Cox

Contact Deputy Mayor Judith Cox by email or give her a call at 705-345-2336.

Councillor Mark Taylor, Ward 1

Contact Councillor Mark Taylor by email or give him a call at 705-345-7629.

Councillor Dan Janssen, Ward 2

Contact Councillor Dan Janssen by email or give him a call at 705-345-8209.

Councillor Philip Brennan, Ward 3

Contact Councillor Philip Brennan by email or give him a call at 705-345-5778. 

Councillor Wanda Minnings, Ward 4

Contact Councillor Wanda Minnings by email or give her a call at 705-345-7297.

Councillor Jim McIntyre, Ward 5

Contact Councillor Jim McIntyre by email or give him a call at 705-345-0056.

Petition to Council

If you'd like to submit a petition to Council on a specific topic or issue, you need collect the name and mailing address from Severn residents who support your petition.

Submit a petition to Council

A petition to Council must include:

  • contact name, phone number and address
  • date
  • detailed description of the request to Council
  • name and mailing address of petition supporters