Township of Severn is always planning for the future. Review a variety of plans, reports and studies to learn more about municipal planning. All plans align with the overall vision set out in our Strategic Plan.

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan consists of an inventory and assessment of all current assets owned by the Township of Severn. This includes facilities and infrastructure. The plan also looks at how we can prioritize and improve our assets through the establishment of an Asset Management Strategy.

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

The Couchiching Community Safety and Well-Being Plan identifies four local social development priorities. We're committed to working together to:

  1. improve mental health and addictions services
  2. improve access to vital services
  3. enhance services that support employability
  4. strengthen the health of our community by nurturing social connectedness

Development Charges Background Study

The Development Charges Background Study outlines how we set our fees to meet the needs of future growth within our community.

Emergency Response Plan

Our Emergency Response Plan outlines how the municipality will respond in the case of an emergency. This plan includes emergency notification procedures and individual responsibilities of Township staff during an emergency.

Energy consumption plans and reports

The Energy Management Plan looks at ways to improve energy efficiency in municipal facilities and operations. The goal is to:

  • continuously improve the energy efficiency of our facilities in order to reduce operating costs, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • ensure that our renovation and construction projects embody best practices in energy-efficient design and promote LEED certification in our tenders
  • create a corporate culture of conservation

Contact us to request a copy of the Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting for the years 2011 to 2019. We're happy to provide you with a copy of these documents.

Engineering Design Standards

Review the our Engineering Design Standards which set out design guidelines for a variety of different building and planning projects.

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan identifies accessibility barriers and prioritizes and sets out a plan to remove barriers over a five-year period. This includes ensuring that all facilities, programs and services are delivered in an accessible manner. This plan is prepared by the Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Recreation Master Plan

The Recreation Master Plan provides an assessment of the current Township recreation facilities, parks and open spaces as well as recreation programs and services to see if we're meeting the needs of the community. Review the 15-year Recreation Master Plan to learn about the recommendations and implementation considerations.

Road studies and reports

In order to ensure that we're providing quality road networks and infrastructure, we have conducted the following roads studies and assessments:

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan consists of an assessment of all roads and highways and congestion in order to determine what changes we can make to improve transportation networks within and through Severn.

Water and Sewer Rate Study

We're committed to providing rates that are sustainable, fair and affordable. The Water and Sewer Rate Study includes the forecasted rates for the next ten years.

Water Ontario Regulation Financial Plan

The Water Ontario Regulation Financial Plan outlines a financial plan in order to make our water system more financially sustainable.