You need a fill permit if you plan to add over 15 truckloads (150 cubic metres) of fill to your property. Fill is used to even out the land and is often needed if your property is sloped, wet or if there has been recent construction on your property.

Apply for a permit

Please complete the Fill Permit application and submit it by email or drop it off to the Administration Office located at 1024 Hurlwood Lane in Severn.


Depending on your property class, a fill permit costs:

  • $390 for a residential property
  • $830 for a commercial or industrial property

You'll need to pay a minimum deposit of $2,205. It costs $60 to renew or transfer a fill permit.

Fill regulations

View the Site Alteration and Fill By-law for a complete list of fill regulations. Fill can only be placed on Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. with a maximum of 250 cubic metres per day.

You can't dump or place fill under the following circumstances:

  • if the fill doesn't come from Simcoe County
  • if the fill is dumped for storage purposes without a permit
  • if the fill changes any grading that has been approved by Township of Severn through a subdivision, rezoning, site plan or building permit
  • if the fill will result in soil erosion, soil pollution, blockage or siltation of any watercourse, flooding or ponding or anything damaging to the environment
  • if it is placed within 10 metres of any watercourse
  • if the fill alters the grade leading to runoff or drainage on a neighbouring property