Township of Severn's Zoning By-law implements the objectives of the Official Plan and sets out the regulations for each property in the Township. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • permitted and prohibited land use
  • lot sizes
  • building sizes
  • setbacks
  • parking requirements

Zoning By-law and Schedules

Explore the Zoning By-law and the Zoning By-law Schedules.

Zoning maps

View our interactive zoning map to: 

  • view the zoning of all properties within the Township
  • visit links that directly access the text of our Zoning By-law to view permitted uses and lot requirements 
  • utilize other functions of the County of Simcoe GIS mapping program

View our zoning map

Minor Variances and Zoning By-law amendments

In some cases, a development application may not align with the requirements in the Zoning By-law. You'll need to apply for a Minor Variance or a Zoning By-law amendment.

Compliance and permitted-use letter requests

To request a compliance letter or permitted-use letter, please drop off your request to our Administration Office located at 1024 Hurlwood Lane, Severn.

You can also submit your request by mail or courier. 


Township of Severn

Attention: Planning and Development

PO Box 159

Orillia, Ontario

L3V 6J3

Township of Severn

Attention: Planning and Development

1024 Hurlwood Lane

Severn, Ontario

L3V 0Y6


Request details

The request should include the following information:

  • address and legal description of the property
  • contact information
  • authorization, if necessary

When do I need a compliance or permitted-use letter?

Compliance letters are typically requested during the sale of a property or a mortgage renewal. They provide information regarding open or closed building permits, septic files, non-compliance or non-conformance, by-law infractions, etc.

Permitted Use letters are generally requested by upper-tier agencies when a property owner wants to establish a new use or service on their lands (i.e., propane exchange facility, motor-vehicle repair station, etc.).


We accept payment in cash or cheque. Please make all cheques payable to Township of Severn.

Compliance and permitted-use request fees
Request typeNumber of days to receive the requestFee
Standard compliance request Five to seven business days from receiving payment $115
Rush compliance request 24 hours from receiving payment $170
Subdivision/site plan compliance request Five to seven business days from receiving payment $225
Permitted-use letter Five to seven business days from receiving payment $70