Township of Severn distributes drinking water in serviced areas to residents and businesses through watermains. Watermains are buried deep underground so the water doesn't freeze during the winter months. In order to provide clean drinking water, we flush out and clean the watermains throughout the year. Periodically, when needed, we swab some watermains in certain systems.

Flushing and swabbing schedule

We typically flush or swab watermains during regular business hours:

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Flushing should cause little to no impact to your water delivery. However, it may take approximately two hours to swab and clean the watermains. Some sections may take up to four hours.

2023 flushing schedule

Bass Lake Woodlands

  • Updates will be posted when available


In Coldwater, flushing is scheduled for: 

  • June 5 to June 16 from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sandcastle Estates

  • Updates will be posted when available

Severn Estates

  • Updates will be posted when available


  • Updates will be posted when available


  • Updates will be posted when available


We'll notify all customers impacted by a planned watermain swabbing using the following methods:

  • newsfeed
  • hand-delivered notices to your property at least one day prior to the planned work
  • posting on notice boards, if available

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

How can I prepare for the cleaning?

Before the watermain cleaning on your street begins, you should:

  • fill a container with tap water for drinking and cooking and store it in your fridge
  • complete dishwashing, clothes washing and any activities that use water before the watermain cleaning is scheduled to start
  • fill your bathtub with water for use around the house
  • use a pail to transfer water to your toilet so you can flush your toilet
  • turn off any water treatment systems, including water softeners, or shut off the main water supply using the shut off valve located at your water meter

What should I do while the watermains are being cleaned?

While the watermains on your street are being cleaned, you should:

  • avoid using water, including hot water because it will likely be discoloured
  • avoid washing your clothes or doing dishes with discoloured water because it may cause stains

Is there anything I should do after the watermains are cleaned?

After the watermains on your street are cleaned, you should:

  • run cold water through the tap closest to your water meter until the water is clear (don't use a tap with a filter system because the sediment may clog the filter)
  • once the water is clear, turn on your water treatment devices, flush each tap to remove discoloured water, and flush toilets

Please contact us if you have poor water quality, no water or low water pressure in your home after the watermains have been cleaned.

Can I drink the water?

Once the water has cleared and is no longer discoloured, you can resume all regular activities, including drinking. Drinking small quantities of discoloured water shouldn't cause a health problem.

What should I do if my laundry is stained?

If you're washing clothes and get discoloured water, stop the cycle while the tank is full and wait until clear water is available to finish your laundry. If the spin cycle has finished, keep the clothes wet and rewash when clear water is available. If you wash your stained clothes using a commercial rust remover, follow the instructions on the package.

Where does the sediment in the watermains come from?

The sediment in the watermains consists mostly of iron and manganese oxides. These oxides are heavy and will settle on the bottom of watermain piping during periods of normal water use.