Township of Severn issues fire permits for all open-air burning except for small, recreational campfires. View the fire regulations and safety tips and learn how to apply for a fire permit.

In response to COVID-19, we suspended all fire permits until further notice. You can have a campfire without a permit.

Fire rating

Always check the fire rating before starting a fire. We've placed signs throughout the community to show the current fire rating. Burning is not permitted during a fire ban.

The current fire rating is moderate.

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Fire rating activities
Activity Low rating Moderate rating High rating Extreme rating

Campfires (0.5 m)



Yes (with caution)


Daytime burning with fire permit (1 m)





Buy a fire permit

We issue two types of fire permits. You can buy a fire permit for seven consecutive days or for the season. A seasonal permit lasts from May 1 to October 31.

Seven-day permits cost $5 and are available for purchase at:

Seasonal permits cost $25 and are only available for purchase at the Administration Office located at 1024 Hurlwood Lane in Severn.

Replacement permits

If you lose a copy of your seasonal permit, you'll need to contact us to get a replacement. Replacement permits cost $5.

Do I need a fire permit?

You need a permit for all open-air fires that are larger than 0.5 m.

Permit guidelines

Before you start a fire, make sure you consider the size and location:

  • fires must be no larger than 1 m in any direction
  • fire pits must be 10 m from your home and 3 m from the property line, hedge, other structures, road or overhead wires

Please follow these additional fire permit guidelines:

  • don't burn if wind speed is over 20 km per hour
  • keep a pail of water or hose nearby to extinguish the fire
  • remove all combustible materials from within a 1 m radius of the fire
  • ensure that someone 18 years of age or older is always supervising the fire
  • burn only between sunrise and sunset
  • don't burn if there's rain, fog or a fire ban in effect
  • burn wood and yard waste only

If you don't follow these guidelines, your fire permit may be revoked without a refund. If we respond to an out of control fire, the property owner may be invoiced.

Campfire safety tips

When building a campfire, make sure to follow the size and location guidelines:

  • campfires should be no larger than 0.5 m in diameter
  • your fire pit should be at least 10 m away from your home and 3 m from your property line or any other structures or combustibles
  • you can only have one campfire on your property at a time

Please follow these safety tips when having a campfire:

  • burn clean and dry wood only
  • avoid campfires during windy weather conditions that may blow embers
  • clean leaves and other combustible materials around the pit to ensure the fire doesn't accidentally spread
  • place a container of water or garden hose nearby
  • make sure there's a responsible person watching the fire at all times

Extinguishing a campfire

Here are some tips for safely extinguishing a campfire:

  1. drown the fire with water
  2. stir the ashes with a long stick to turn over hot coals and ashes
  3. move rocks to find hidden embers
  4. repeat until the ashes stop smoking and hissing

Be considerate of your neighbours

Always burn clean and dry wood in your campfire. Anything else may produce excessive smoke. This could cause discomfort to a neighbour with the windows open, especially if they have a medical condition.

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