The City of Orillia is currently undertaking a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) process. As part of this process the City is investigating the potential for expanding its municipal boundary to allow for growth as defined within the Province of Ontario's Growth Plan, A Place to Grow

Township of Severn Council and staff are actively  monitoring the MCR process and working with the City of Orillia and other area municipal and government representatives to help ensure that our comments and those of our residents are considered.  This approach is needed to secure our opportunity to participate in these decisions that could impact Severn's future. As we monitor this process, it is a priority that our residents stay informed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is an MCR?
A Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) is a long-range land use planning process informed by the Province of Ontario's Growth Plan. The City of Orillia is provincially mandated to complete this process.
Why is the City of Orillia looking for more land?

In 2018, the City of Orillia hired consultants to prepare a Lands Needs Assessment (LNA), one of the many studies required as part of the MCR. An LNA is a study that evaluates whether a municipality can accommodate future employment and population growth as identified in the provincial Growth Plan. Based on the results of this study released in 2020, the City of Orillia does not have enough land for growth as projected to 2051. The City of Orillia would essentially be out of land for new housing and development by the early 2030s. In 2021, the City of Orillia began to evaluate the different growth options, with one option being a potential boundary expansion. In April 2022, Orillia Council asked staff and the project consultant to update this study by further considering options for intensification and density targets. This update may influence the boundary expansion recommendations and how the City meets its employment and population growth targets. 

Are lands in Severn being considered as part of the potential boundary expansion?
Yes, lands in Severn are being considered as part of the potential boundary expansion, as well as lands in the Township of Oro-Medonte. The initial amount of land needed to allow for the City's growth was proposed as 380 hectares. However, the exact amount of land may change in response to the study update requested by Orillia Council in April, 2022. 
How can Severn residents get involved in the MCR process?
Public and stakeholder consultation will continue to take place, including opportunities to comment on the revised proposed boundary expansion. You can stay up to date on these opportunities by subscribing to updates at orillia.ca/MCR. You are also welcome to submit comments in writing to planning@orillia.ca
When is this process expected to be completed?  
The City of Orillia has provided a visual timeline which outlines the process. This timeline is subject to change.


Further details

More information is available by visiting the City of Orillia's Municipal Comprehensive Review webpage. Subscribe to MCR updates from the City on their website

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