There are a variety of services provided to residents in Severn. This includes animal services, fire and emergency services, schools and garbage, organics and recycling collection.

Community engagement

Get involved in your community! Find ways to offer feedback and stay up to date on the latest news and notices.

Have your say
Have your say

Provide your input on a variety of municipal services and programs. Your opinion matters to us. 

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Stay informed

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Report a concern
Report a concern

If you have a concern about roads, streetlights or by-laws, please report your concern and we'll follow up.

Roads and parking

Township of Severn is responsible for the maintenance and regulation of our roads and parking infrastructure. Review the parking regulations in Severn and find out when and where you can park on municipal roads. Learn how to apply for a road permit.

Property taxes

If you own property in Severn, you'll need to pay annual property taxes. Learn how to pay your property taxes and review our tax incentives and rebates.

Short-term rentals

Short-term rentals refer to all or part of a dwelling unit that is used to provide sleeping accommodations for any rental period that is less than 28 consecutive days in exchange for payment.

Online short-term rental platforms such as AirbnbRentbyOwner, and Vrbo  are examples of online platforms that connect consumers to those offering short-term rentals. Short-term rentals have been increasing in popularity as they  offer an alternative to hotels during vacations or business travel, and provide income potential to the homeowner.

Learn more about our Good Neighbour by-laws that apply to short-term rentals, and how to report a concern

Water and sewer

Review the water and sewer services in Severn and learn how to pay your water and sewer bill. We're committed to water conservation and source water protection to ensure our community has clean and safe drinking water—now and in the future.