If you're planning an upcoming building or renovating project on your property, you'll likely need to apply for a building permit before you begin the work. Building permits ensure that all work meets the requirements outlined in the Ontario Building Code and the Zoning By-law.

Before you start

Please contact us before you apply for a building permit to learn about the zoning requirements for your property.

When do I need a building permit?

You need a building permit for a variety of renovation and building projects. Review the building permit application guidelines, fees and checklists for common building projects:

Apply for a building permit

Please complete the Building Permit Application and submit it by email or contact us to make an appointment to drop it off in person. You can also mail your completed application to:

Township of Severn
PO Box 159
Orillia, Ontario
L3V 6J3

If you'd prefer, you can pick up a building permit application in person during a pre-scheduled appointment.

Please note

We require both digital and paper copies of all construction drawings and engineered lot grading plans, if applicable.


Building permit fees vary depending on the scope of your building or renovation project. We will calculate all building permit fees after reviewing the application. You will not be issued a building permit until you have paid all permit fees.

Letter of authorization

You'll need to submit a letter of authorization if the property owner is not present when a building permit is issued. Please complete the Letter of Authorization and submit it along with your building permit application, if required.

This letter gives authorization to a third party or contractor to accept a building permit on behalf of the legal property owner.

Property tax adjustments

If you've made significant changes to your property, such as a demolition, you may qualify for a property tax adjustment. Review the program eligibility to find out if you qualify.