You will need a building permit before installing any solar photovoltaic (PV) system on your home or business if the installation will cover an area equal to or greater than five square metres (50 square feet). 

A building permit is not required for solar collector system installations where:

  • the panel is less than five square metres (50 square feet) in area
  • the panel is not installed on a building and is not connected to a plumbing or mechanical heating system

Apply for a building permit

Residential and commercial roofs are commonly built to withstand the required loads for snow, rain, and wind. The weight of solar panels increases the loading on the roof structure, and upgrading or reinforcing the roof structure may be needed to manage this additional weight. A professional Engineer can evaluate how these new loads will impact the existing roof structure. You can download our Solar Panels Mounted on Buildings guide as a reference when completing your application. 

Please contact us for a copy of the application. We're happy to provide you with the application form and submission instructions.


Application details

Please include the following information with your application:

  • a roof plan indicating the layout and spacing of the solar collectors on the roof of the building
  • typical cross-section including but not limited to system height, tilt angle, and attachments
  • panel or module dimensions and manufacturers specifications including panel dead load and ballast (where applicable)
  • mounting details clearly specifying panel attachment and specifications including framing reinforcement as may be required
  • verification of existing roof or wall framing components affected by
  • the proposed installation and the ability of the affected building structural system to accommodate all loads associated with the solar collector system including:
    • dead load
    • wind load
    • snow accumulation
    • seismic load
  • solar collector systems used to produce heat for water shall include mechanical drawings (plumbing schematic) detailing any connection to the potable water system
  • a Commitment to General Review Form completed by a professional Engineer

Electrical permits or inspections from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) may also be needed. Proof of ESA compliance will be required by the Building department before finalizing the permit.



The building permit fee for solar panels installed on buildings are charged at a base fee of $688 as per the Township's Building Permits and Fees By-Law.