Status of our new Official Plan

Our new Official Plan is entering its final stages. Throughout this process, all feedback from the community and our stakeholders has been tracked and reviewed. This input has helped to inform and shape the updated Official Plan.

Our Official Plan is a long-term plan that provides a policy framework for:

  • making land use planning decisions
  • managing resources
  • protecting the environment
  • setting a structure for guiding growth

The purpose of our draft new Official Plan is to ensure compliance with current provincial and County of Simcoe plans, policies, and legislation, and to reflect the goals and values of the Severn community. Our draft new Official Plan will establish a planning and growth management framework for Severn until 2051, and has incorporated new and updated policies and mapping on the various focus areas identified through the review process, including:

  • agriculture and rural areas
  • climate change
  • cultural heritage
  • growth management
  • housing
  • natural hazards
  • natural heritage system
  • settlement area hierarchy
  • transportation
  • waste management

Review the draft new Official Plan

The draft Official Plan is now available for review. Download the plan and provide your comments.

Draft new Official Plan

Maps and Schedules

Maps included within the draft new Official Plan show the different land uses, functions, infrastructure and resources within Severn. These are found within the draft Official Plan Schedules:

Open House

Severn will hold an Open House and Public Meeting, pursuant to Sections 26(3) and 17(16) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended, to discuss the draft new Official Plan. The Open House and Public Meeting will provide members of the public with the opportunity to learn about the draft new Official Plan, ask staff questions, and provide comments.

Public Meeting

A virtual Public Meeting of Council will be held on Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. At the direction of Council, meetings of Council and Committee continue to be held virtually at this time. 

To participate you can:

Comment period

Please provide written comments before October 5, 2022, to Andrea Woodrow, Director of Planning and Development by email or by mail to:

Township of Severn
PO Box 159
Orillia, Ontario
L3V 6J3

Discussion paper

Building on our visioning sessions, we released our discussion paper for public review and comment in late 2021. 

View our discussion paper

Frequently asked questions

Review some frequently asked questions.

What's an Official Plan?
An Official Plan is the primary tool for implementing our goals and objectives. The Official Plan will establish a long-term strategy for growth, land use and development in Severn. The new Official Plan will guide all land use planning and development decisions in Severn for the next 20 years.
How long will the review take?

Over a year and a half, we'll complete the Official Plan Review in three phases:

  1. thorough background research, including opportunities for community input
  2. preparation of a draft Official Plan
  3. finalization and adoption of the new Official Plan
What guides the preparation of the new Official Plan?

There are several planning documents that guide land use planning in Ontario, including:

  • Planning Act
  • Provincial Policy Statement
  • Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe
  • County of Simcoe Official Plan
County of Simcoe's Municipal Comprehensive Review will determine a growth management plan until 2051. This will help refine the provincial natural heritage and agricultural systems. These systems are currently defined and designated by the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.
Who approves the new Official Plan?
The new Official Plan will be considered by Council and the County of Simcoe. The County’s decision is subject to appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.
Will this impact the zoning of my property?
The new Official Plan may impact the zoning of your property. The Planning Act requires that we update our Zoning By-law three years after the plan is approved.
What will the new Official Plan include?

Our new Official Plan will address the following planning and policy areas:

  • achieving sustainable development
  • delivering a sufficient supply of homes
  • building a strong and competitive local economy
  • ensuring the vitality of settlement areas and promoting healthy and safe communities
  • promoting sustainable transport
  • supporting high-quality communications
  • making effective use of land
  • achieving well-designed places
  • conserving and enhancing the natural environment
  • conserving and enhancing the historic environment
  • meeting the challenge of climate change

Since we adopted our current Official Plan, we identified the following issues:

  • shoreline development
  • affordable housing
  • accessory buildings and structures
  • second dwelling units and garden suites
  • on-farm diversified uses
  • hazard lands
  • short-term rentals
  • cannabis production facilities
  • aggregate operations and associated land use considerations
  • rural development
Will there be opportunities for comment and input?

We want the Official Plan to reflect community goals and priorities. We encourage you to get involved! You can participate in the process in many ways:

  • visioning workshop
  • virtual stakeholder meetings
  • statutory public open houses and meetings
How can I stay informed?

We'll provide information about the project through a range of methods and channels:

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