You need to apply for a septic permit to add a septic system to your property. A septic system is a private waste disposal and treatment system. If your property doesn't connect to the municipal sewer system, you may need to install a septic system on your property.

Apply for a septic permit

Please contact us for a copy of the application. We're happy to provide you with the application form and submission instructions.


Depending on the project, you may require upgrades to an existing septic or the installation of a new septic system. Review the septic system permit fees:

  • $495.60 for a new septic system
  • $330.75 for a sewage repair system
  • $330.75 for a septic bed replacement
  • $275.10 for a septic tank replacement
  • $385.35 for a holding tank (class 5)
  • $275.10 for a leaching pit (class 2)

Septic permit checklist

Please include the following information with your permit application:

  • Schedule 1
  • Schedule 2, if applicable
  • site plan (view a sample site plan)
  • construction drawings (two paper copies, full size and to scale)
  • digital construction drawings (as .pdf files)
  • engineered lot grading submission (both paper copy and digital .pdf file)
  • letter of authorization, if applicable
  • sewage system design specifications, if applicable
  • sewage system plan view, if applicable
  • any applicable approvals (Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Trent-Severn Waterway)

Installing a septic

All test holes should be 5 feet deep and 50 feet apart.

Septic inspections

In order to ensure that your septic system is functioning properly and not leaking or causing harm to the surrounding environment, you will need to get an inspection once the permit is issued and before the septic is covered. Please contact us to book a septic inspection. Learn more about our septic re-inspection program.