You need to complete and submit a building permit application in order to build a home or cottage on your property.

You can review our Building Permit Guide for information on applicable laws and fees, and to access our Building Permit Inspection checklist

Building Permit Guide


There is a $173 base fee plus the following additional fees as necessary:

  • $1.38 per square foot for residential dwellings and additions
  • $0.42 per square foot of unfinished basement or crawlspace
  • $0.86 per square foot of finished basement or crawlspace
  • $0.42 per square foot for docks and decks
  • $0.53 per square foot for an accessory building such as a garage, shed, gazebo or boat port

A fee of $12.00 per fixture will apply for any new or modified plumbing fixture.

Fees are indexed on January 1 of each year. 

Building permit checklist

Please include the following information with your application:

Files are preferred in PDF. Contact us with any questions or email us your completed application.