Fire permits

Township of Severn’s Open-Air Burning By-law regulates the issuing of fire permits, the size of fires and materials you can burn within an open-air fire.

We issue two types of fire permits:

  • fire permit for all fires 61 cm in diameter or less
  • agricultural fire permit for larger burns (our staff will need to visit the site to approve the permit)

With either type of permit, you can only burn tree branches or clean dry wood. You are not allowed to burn leaves or garden waste in an open-air fire. Instead, you can dispose of yard waste through the yard waste and leaf pick up program.

How to apply

After you complete our online fire permit form please go to our Administration Office (1024 Hurlwood Lane) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to pick up and pay for your fire permit. At this time, we do not offer online payment (we're working on it!).

After-hours payments

You can also place your payment in the after-hours drop box located outside the front of the Administration Office and we will email you your permit.

If you have any questions, please email or call 705-325-2315 x242.

Apply for an annual fire permit

Apply for an agricultural fire permit


Fire permit fees vary depending on the size and type of fire:

  • $25 for an annual fire permit (valid until December 31 of the year the permit is issued)
  • $75 for an agricultural fire permit (must purchase a new permit for each agricultural burn)

Fire danger rating

Always check the fire rating before starting a fire. We've placed signs throughout the community to show the current fire rating. Burning is not permitted during a fire ban.

These signs are located at:

Moderate fire danger rating

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Permitted activities based on the fire danger rating

Low fire danger. Burning is permitted. 
Moderate fire danger. Burn with caution. 
High danger of fire. Extra care should be taken, with a recommendation of no burning. Severn may issue a municipal-wide fire ban. 
Extreme fire danger. No burning of any kind is allowed. A total fire ban will be issued by the Township. 
 Fire Ban
When a fire ban is in place, no burning of any kind is permitted. Fireworks are also not allowed during a fire ban. 


Before you start a fire, make sure you consider the size and location:

  • fires must be no larger than 61 cm in any direction
  • fires must be 6.1 m from anything combustible, such as a structure, fence or trees
  • you can only have one fire on your property at a time

Please follow these additional fire permit guidelines:

  • don't burn if wind speed is over 20 km per hour
  • keep pails of water or a hose nearby to extinguish the fire
  • remove all ground cover within a 1 m radius of the fire
  • ensure that someone 18 years of age or older is always supervising the fire
  • don't burn if there's rain, fog or a fire ban in effect
  • burn clean, dry wood only

If you don't follow these guidelines, your fire permit may be revoked without a refund and the property owner may be invoiced.

Extinguishing a fire

Here are some tips for safely extinguishing a fire:

  1. soak the fire with sufficient water
  2. stir the ashes with a long stick to turn over hot coals and ashes
  3. move rocks to find hidden embers
  4. repeat the steps until the ashes stop smoking and hissing

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